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The State of Now

Engagement Rules Have Changed

In an overcrowded, hyper-saturated, and extremely noisy world, you need marketing to help you to stand out from your competitors. Digital gives you that opportunity. But digital comes with its own challenges and you need to know what you are doing is working.

The State of Now

Your Customers are Everywhere

The number of connected, intelligent devices will continue to grow exponentially,
giving 'smart things' the ability to sense, interpret, communicate and negotiate, and effectively have a digital voice.


Connected Devices by 2020
Source: Gartner

Lifestyle & behavioural data; a window into your customers' lives.


The go to device; always with, always on, always first.

Displays & Appliances

Connected things; passive digital interaction with customers.

Cars & Transport

Digital goes truly mobile; planes, trains & automobiles connected.

LAYER digital - channels are expanding
The State of Now

digital channels & tactics are expanding

As the number of devices, tactics and channels expand, so does the amount of digital marketing activity, making everyone very busy.

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The State of Now

Most digital lacks Purpose

Purpose is everything in digital; the reason for doing. With so much stuff to do, how do you stay focused on what matters?

Help finding your purpose
Your Digital Future

Increase productivity

Get more for less from your digital

Increase productivity
Sharpen your focus
If a purpose for digital is not defined, your internal teams can lack focus, reducing productivity
Define a realistic speed of change
Digital promises many things, but instant change isn't one of them
Make the technology work
The technology that drives all of this activity is fragmented and complex to understand
Learn more: Yves Morieux at TED
What we do

TAKE back control OF DIGITAL & FOCUS ON meaningful change

Strategic Consulting & Planning

Discovering the purpose of digital within your business

Execution road-mapping

Determine how to focus digital on business objectives

Programme Management

Complex projects delivered with the best digital resources available

Analytics & data modelling

Measurement of progress and what is 'working'

"Traditionally agencies sell you what they can deliver; you should buy what is required to activate your digital."

How we are different

Digital Management Consultancy based in London.