The Digital Veterans... :)

Digital Management Consultancy with the right mix of experience and pragmatic attitude.

Who are LAYER?

Real People with Digital Brains

LAYER was founded with a simple vision: to help brands use digital to their competitive advantage.
Our view is that this requires the talent from a select group of people.

Real people + digital brains
Principal Consultants
Our business leaders. Grey(er) hair and with careers in digital, they are focussed on defining purpose and driving focus across all areas of digital transformation.
Freelance Experts
The LAYER workhorse. A select group of tried/tested experts who are assembled on a client by client basis to deliver what is needed to drive productivity from digital.
What they do

Meet our Principals

What they don't know about digital is probably over-rated

Dan Naylor, Principal (Data)

Dan is a 'data scientist' and a true veteran of marketing. He has worked both client & agency-side for over 20 years. He claims to have cycled up Mount Ventoux.

Dan on LinkedIn

Tim Peacock, Principal (Digital)

Tim digital life started when the internet was still called the internet. He has only ever known digital and has helped some of the world's biggest brands transform. He hasn't cycled Mount Ventoux, yet.

Tim on LinkedIn

Latest projects: Virgin, Virgin Active

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Latest projects: Land Securities, Arcadis

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Your Digital Future

The agency model is broken

We're different. Of course you are! But we're not an agency. We don't rely on 'delivery' projects to pay our staff, so we can concentrate on planning what is the right solution for you.


Things rather than thinking
Implied Success
It will always 'work'
Siloed Responsibility
Channel or technology specific
Doing more is best


Strategy based on purpose
Measured Progress
What is working?
Holistic View
Channel and technology agnostic
Do what is needed

Buy what you need, not what an agency sells!

Our model allows us to build the right team for the right project without the complexity of trying to win work for skills that are not needed.

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When to engage LAYER

There are a number of signs that might indicate it is time for a new approach to digital. These statements/questions mean you may need help with finding your purpose.

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Business Observations

  • Sales are down, send an email!
  • How does ‘brand’ change behaviour?
  • We need a data strategy
  • We need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns
  • How do we target [segment name]?

Specific digital observations

  • How do we get more 'likes'?
  • Why are ‘visits’ down this week?
  • Always-on media drives brand engagement
  • A new website will drive more traffic
  • Twitter is full of complaints and problems
Start Here


One of the most underestimated
tasks in effective digital.

Deliver this


Ensuring all spend is focused
on the stated purpose.

"The team helped us focus on ensuring all comms to our members had a clear objective and were relevant to our purpose as a business."

Meet our clients

Digital Management Consultancy based in London.